Owning a SET THE STAGE™ Franchise is not work…it is “FUN with PURPOSE…and PAY!”

Why a SET THE STAGE™ Franchise?
SET THE STAGE™ is the fastest growing all inclusive national franchise in America. SET THE STAGE™ offers unlimited opportunities to aspiring Entrepreneurs, existing Stagers, Interior Designers, creative Realtors®, and Investors.

Are you passionate decorating living spaces and have and desire a thriving career in this field?
SET THE STAGE™ recognizes raw talent and helps individual reach their highest potential in any of the local, regional or national SET THE STAGE™ opportunities that are offered. Apply below to see if you qualify.

Are you interested in the opportunity of starting a SET THE STAGE™ staging and furnishings business in your community?
SET THE STAGE™ may be opening exclusive franchise opportunity’s in your area. INQUIRE below to see if your territory is available at this time.

Do you value a positive, uplifting and rewarding culture in a community of likeminded and creative leaders?
SET THE STAGE™ continually building a national team a.k.a. Set The StageTM Family as it expands nationally. Gain strength, knowledge and peer support as you enjoy rubbing shoulders with other territory SET THE STAGE™ Franchisees.

If you are already a Stager, do you need more peer, mentor or team support to avoid burn-out?
SET THE STAGE™ recognizes the importance of professionalism and a support system and team culture within a business for the continued scalability and sustainability of the company.

Do you have innovative and efficient systems and processes to leverage and maximize your time?
SET THE STAGE™ has spent over five years developing and automating staging systems and processes to not only improve efficiency, but to benefit and enhance the experience for stagers and clients.

Do you wish you had great resources and group wholesale buying power for furniture and decór?
SET THE STAGE™ offers a powerful buying network throughout the wholesale furniture and decór industry.

What is your “BIG WHY” for wanting to be part of the SET THE STAGE™ Family?
We don’t know YOUR “BIG WHY”, but we know ours in a BIG WAY! SET THE STAGE™ wants to build strong community leaders by helping passionate individuals meeting their potential and giving them incredible opportunities. We are passionate about helping develop raw talent into amazing Professionals.

INQUIRE for more information or APPLY for your own Franchise below. We would love a conversation with you.

Remember: Owning a SET THE STAGE™ Franchise is not work…It is “FUN with PURPOSE…and PAY!”